Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Zerumpees

Wren is similar to my winged babes I sent to Crammed Organisms...once they get back home Wren will join them in eternal companionship and brotherhood.
Here is his bio: Wren is a cute, winged Zerumpee who enjoys undercooked pasta, Wednesdays, and swamp fishing. He has many trophies that he has received from his swamp fishing competitions. He is in the process of building a gold and wooden trophy cabinet for displaying them. He is machine and hand sewn from fleece. He stands 9.5 inches tall and his wingspan is 8.5 inches.

Newt is a clean and orderly Zerumpee. He is a large, sturdy sock monster who loves to organize his desk drawers. When he is not organizing he can be seen vacuuming or roasting tofu for his vegetarian monster delights.
Have sweet monster filled dreams!

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