Friday, September 12, 2008

Plush Team At Renegade Chicago Tomorrow and Sunday!!!

This is mt last installment in the countdown to Renegade Chicago. Why you ask? Well, 'cause it is TOMORROW!! Don't let the chance of rain keep you away from finding booth 70 at Renegade! PterodactylPants is one of the fine Plush Teamers that will both have Plush at renegade to adopt as well as be there herself!!!

PterodactylPants currently creates out of Chicago. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, got her Bachelors down South in North Carolina, and has returned to the good old Midwest to pursue a career and her new found plushing hobby. It’s a labor of love, and it makes her happy! Thank goodness, cause those plushies are way too cute!

Did I mention that the Plush Team would be at booth 70? Oh, I did? Okay, just making sure ^_^

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stl Eatniks said...

Hey are y'all worried about the weather, we were planning to drive up from St.Louis but now we're worried that the storms will be too bad for an outdoor event.


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