Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two new Chickenpants

I have been the worst blogger ever! But I have an excuse. Actually, two. But I'll save those for my other blog.
Anyway! Two new Chickenpants!
Mario Ninjapants

Mario may be tiny, but do not underestimate him! He has a reputation for shenanigans...and among Chickenpants, that is truly a feat.

The Cap'm

Every boat needs a captain, and the Black Swan is no different. Enter The Cap'm. He runs a pretty tiny ship. Petite, if you will. ARRRGGGHH!
-Absolutely Small


Jessica @ Crabtree Studio said...

Ha ha! These are great! I especially love the little details: the cocktail swords, the peg leg. Mario Ninja is my favorite.

Leeanna Butcher said...

i like the Cap'n's belt! :)

astula said...

haaaaa! peg leg!! :) !

Absolutely Small said...

Thank you all!


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