Sunday, September 28, 2008


UglyPrettyThings is changing it's name! Because of legal reasons with a big corporation that I don't feel like fighting in court, my company name will now be known as Zerumpees. All of my monsters are from the fine, peaceful planet of Zerump, hence the name. Here is my newest creation. Pierre.

Pierre is refined and stylish. He always wears the softest, most luxurious scarves for fall from his store Le Monstere. He says he only carries the finest lines of monster designer clothing. He enjoys wine and moldy monster cheeses.

It has been a rough couple weeks, a death in the family, company name change, etc. I am glad to be back in the swing of things with my monsters. I have an exciting little monster goody coming out in my store in the next couple weeks. I will keep you all updated. :)

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