Monday, October 27, 2008

Gnarlin Carl- The Hobo Hobgoblin

Old Gnarlin Carl
He's back from Crammed Organisms!
Gnarlin Carl- The Hobo Hobgoblin
Carl was once just another little Hobgoblin sleeping under the sink and riding the cat around the house. But there comes a day for some Hobgoblins when their growth spurt kicks in! It doesn't happen to all of them but for some unlucky Hobs they grow and grow until some of them are the size of a small child. You can never tell which Hob out of a litter it might be but when the day comes that they are too big for their home. Then they have to venture out in to he world for a larger home to live in. But for some they are so big they never seem to fit anywhere so they just end up traveling all over the country in search of adventure.

for size comparison

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