Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been making Hobgoblins for a while now.
Here are a few of my newest ones.
This is Ocho the Hobgoblin. He loves to count. He knows how many grains of rice there are in the kitchen canisters. He knows how many socks you have and of course that soft clicking nose you hear late at night is Ocho quietly counting all your loose change in that jar. Cause really who doesn't have a big jar of change somewhere?
He is off in Arizona at the Dia De Los Plush show at Red Hot Robot
This is Snak the Hobgoblin. They call him that cause he has never told anyone his real name. He never talks, only eats. He loves all the goodies most people would shove down the garbage disposal. He has even been known to hide under the sink and disconnect the pipe so all the rotten food mess goes straight to his mouth. Kinda gross but
he loves it.
This is Sniff the Hobgoblin. He loves all things stinky. Dirty socks always seem to disappear around him. Sometimes he can even be found laying in the trash making garbage angels.
So hug him and love him, but beware the smell.
He is a custom already off in the mail as trade for
sweet custom saftey eyes provided by
This is Glum. As you can imagine he is a rather sensitive Hobgoblin. Drippy faucets make him cry and you can always find him outside after it rains moving poor little worms from the hot sidewalk back into the grass.
this is a custom emo Hobgoblin for the amazing Lorell over in Australia. He's for her daughter for her 17th birthday.
Mope chillin like a villain
This is Mope the Hobgoblin. As you can see Mope is a rather solemn fellow. He likes to sit oustide on the cold sidewalk and softly sing Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" to himself. He thinks no one likes him cause of his big nose but secretly the ladies think he's quite a cutie.

He is the only Hobgoblin currently for sale.
you can find every HObgoblins I've ever made over in their set on my flickr.


deborah said...

these are the sweetest scariest creations! great job spooky d.!

Jellibat said...

all so cute
jelli x


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