Friday, October 3, 2008

noxious fumes

Technically this isn't all that plush related but Claire suggested I make a post, so with her blessing, here I am.
I am a fiber artist at heart. I love all things plush, stuffed and sewn. So when I heard that a friend of mine was holding a gas mask inspired show a few months back it got my mind all a flutter.
What and how would I create a gas mask. I finally settled on needle felting as my technique of choice. Due to it's pain staking, labor intensive process I thought it only fitting to convey a lighter, softer touch on such a cold concept.For months I played and stabbed for my own enjoyment. When my friend and Rivet owner saw me piercing away at a local craft show she asked if I would consider placing it into her group show. With a mad fury I felted until I had my finished mask, just right.
Be sure to check out the preview for this unique showing of nationally renowned urban artist, with little old me tagging along.
Username: sarin
Password: mustard

Side note, I also felted an air canister but in my down to the wire hast, I forgot to photograph it.

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