Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heebie the nervous Forest Goblin

Heebie the nervous Forest Goblin

This is Heebie. He is a very nervous Forest Goblin. He is always fidgeting with his moss and constantly playing with twigs.

He is 9 and a half inches tall and 14 inches from hand to hand.
Forest Goblins are the goofy protectors of the forest. They disguise themselves as tree stumps so they can blend in and keep a watchful eye on everything.
All Forest Goblins are all handmade with spooky love!
Most are made entirely out of soft anti-pill fleece but some even use awesome faux fur! Each one is carefully made to be unique and one of a kind. The pricing varies due to amount of time spent on each one. Some require alot of hand sewing and have alot more moss and mushrooms so they of course are a bit more.
Oh and all Forest Goblins have cute little bums! HAHA

Look for his brother Jeebie soon!!!


Lucinda said...

Man, he is awesome. Seriously loving the moss. And the bum! Teehee!

Kinderfluff said...

this RULES!


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