Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Came from beneath the Sea

Behold Edmund, another ferocious monster from the dark depths of the sea:
Edmund is about 35 percent smaller than my previous sea monsters—I wish I had a larger one on hand to photograph him with so you could compare—but he's no less terrifying . . . to fish, at least.
I think he's pretty awesome, but I think he still needs something. A toupee, maybe? What do you think?


Victor said...

well! in my professional opinion as a cephalopod plush critic/ toupee enthusiast, i agree the addition of a toupee would be brilliant.

A brilliant addition to an already ridiculously awesome octopus plush! Also in my previous life i was an aide to the most saddened King Midas and might I suggest some sweet golden bling? An oversized gold ring may sweeten up a tentacle or two!

Hahaha, I love octopodian things.

Plushroom Soup said...

Great suggestions, thanks!


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