Saturday, November 29, 2008

some furry softness

Solomon Juppy

Gideon Rockets

Bjorn Savage

Gelsomino Ciuccenkranz

Alekseji and Fedor Malachinskji

here I am, back with my sewing machine finally working! together we made these furry softies and we want to share some pictures with all of you needlers
have a great weekend



Victor said...

Bjorn Savage is by far the greatest name for a toy ever. Or at least thus far in history. They're all wonderful! Bursting at the seams with slightly crazy amounts of personality!

Leeanna Butcher said...

These guys are fantastic! Your sewing machine must be so happy to help you create such plush goodness! :D

astula said...

oh my...i'm totally in love!!

olivia mew said...

sooo great.

Kinderfluff said...

I love gideon rockets! They are all great!


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