Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Thornton is a wee man I made recently from an old woolen blanket. I have a lot of old wool blankets, so expect to see more checked beasties and critters in the future.

Thornton is a foresty kind of man, and would happily spend all day sitting in the garden bird watching. If he wasn't so fastidious about keeping his beard clean, he'd probably let birds nest there. He can be a bit shy, and has a habit of rolling over and pretending he's a pillow if he's sitting on a couch or a bed. Don't let his shyness scare you off though! Because he loves hugging!

I really like the name Thornton, it has such a Blackadder kind of sound to it.


Kitty Vane said...

Thorton seems like a wonderful fellow, and he sure has a very handsome beard!

Barbara Prime said...

Love the fluffy beard! Very inspiring.

Jessica @ Crabtree Studio said...

I too love the beard! Great plush.


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