Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well, I was looking through my old stuff on my computer and I came across this piece I wrote about my friend Zeke. It is a walk thru for how I do my plush and how I put everything together technically. Enjoy! Although he is already living in hos new home I can always put together another 555 chip for someone that just can't live without it :)

I have been wanting to explain what I mean by double and triple sewing when talking about my plushies. I decided to use one of my newest creations, Zeke, as an example of how I put these guys together.

I started by choosing my fabrics, I chose to back my black cotton with white canvas so there would be more structure for the shape considering it is meant to be a square :)

Once I chose my fabric I began to piece things together starting with the feet then doing the top and bottom.

This is Zeke with all four of his sides put together. I stuffed the legs before I sewed them on and I made sure to leave a little space towards the top so they could hang down and not stick out.

This shows what I mean by double stitching. Every seam of each of my plushies is like this so that even if they take a beating ( which I never suggest) they will be able to come out of it unscathed :) Also, the canvas helps to make it even sturdier.

This is Zeke ready to be stuffed. Before I begin stuffing him I arrange where his eyes will be, then carefully attach them. I only use safety eyes, they look good and they are super duper durable.

This is the finished product!!! he's great and wonderful, :) Any questions? comments please feel free to contact me. I hope this was helpful. check out my blog: www.visforviolet.blogspot.com

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