Wednesday, December 31, 2008 first Doll

So...I LOVE handmade dolls and have always wanted to make one...this is the first one I have made that I love. I know I sound full of myself but I finally had time and put my ideas to work. So...Happy New Year...Happy Creating...Happy 2009...hope it's the way...anybody else worried about the threat of Handmade toys disappearing due to the new toy laws coming into action this February...I am...HELP SAVE HANDMADE TOYS!!!!


Dollhead said...

I love you little lady, especially her dress!

I am freaked about the new CPSIA law too, I hope that we can save handmade toys and children's fashion!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I read that the amendmant for this law didn't pass...I could be mistaken? BTW I love most all the dolls I make and HATE to part with each and everyone of them!!! I don't see how we can't, cause we put alot of ourselves in each creation?


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