Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yay! T&A Friendly is in the house

I'm so excited to join this group and introduce many of you to my happy little creations. My name is Amy and I make "pushy taxidermy," which I call my Stuft Acquaintances. (That's a dear term given to them at they're first formal showing.) When I started making them with an old friend, the Stuft Acquaintances were intended to be very cute sweet. But since then, I've really tried to push them in a new direction by making new animals that are more physical, mature, and realistic-with an stylized quality, which is why I like to substitute animal prints for florals or damask. Below are some of my newest and proudest additions to the T&A Friendly family........

This guy is an ostrich and he's got a neck that's a whopping 18" long!

This giraffe is also pretty long and is a beautiful example of my preference to opt for colorful florals instead of animal prints-not that I have anything against animal prints!

Her name is Barbara and she's a llama with a 23" long neck. She has a lot of llama pride which is displayed proudly by the llama pin she wears on her fluffy collar.

Finally, here's one of my boars. Don't let the pink snout fool you 'cause he's all man!

Every Stuft Acquaintance is 100% handmade by yours truly and one-of-a-kind. Visit us at and know the "haps" at


Plushroom Soup said...

Welcome to the Needle! I had the pleasure of seeing your work in person at Plush You this year--it's wonderful!

John said...

Ha, I thought the ostrich was E.T. at first.

T&A Friendly said...

thanks for the welcome. Plush you was so much fun to take part in. Come to think of it, the ostrich does look like E.T.


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