Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CSPIA Chat TODAY & Action Kit

Today at 5pm EST, Etsy is hosting a community chat about the CSPIA.
From their site:
General Agenda for Tuesday's Meeting:

1. Briefing/Update on the CPSIA and the CPSC - To the best of my ability, I will discuss, in layman's terms, what the law says, and where it stands now.

2. The CPSIA Action Kit - Links, resources, contacts. Everything you need to get involved.

3. The CPSIA and Etsy - Where we stand and what we know.

This is something that affects all of us. If you don't yet have an Etsy account, now is a great time to sign up so you can get in on this. (It's free and takes only a few minutes.)

Etsy has put together an Action Kit for the CSPIA as well, complete with links, a summary of the law, and what you can/need to do about it.
Download it here!
(Or if that's not working, go here to the original article.

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