Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute_Plush February Challenge

Now that I'm co-modding the live journal cute plush community with NeesyPea, I've issued a challenge!!! :x

cute_plush February challenge!

Here it is! Our first Challenge will be trying your hand at making a Valentine Monster.

Submit your plush by February 12th, then I'll compile all submissions into one post and you can email me your vote, or we'll do a poll depending on how many entries we have :) The winner will be Announced on The 14th and will receive an awesome *winner* button for their blog woot! and the option to choose the theme of the next challenge/swap. If you do not want to have your plush voted on just say so when you post it. I reeeeally really want everyone to participate no matter what you think your skill level is. Everyone on this community is awesome and we're all friends here so don't be scared, BE ACTIVE!!

* I know a lot of you are probably not "LJers", but it only takes a minute to sign up and join the community, which is already pretty active. I hope to see some submissions from you!!!

1 comment:

Kira said...

I was a borderline religious LJer back in the day! I think my account is still active too (since I try to post something every few months so it doesn't get deleted).
I'll get sewing right away!


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