Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack and me

This is me and my handsewn 5ft tall poseable Obama doll at Bisbee's inauguration ball tonite.
He took about 7 full days to sew .
I haven't yet found shoes to fit him, so he's shoeless for now.


Friederike! and Sandra said...

hello, I just came here following some links :)
Wow this is really gorgeous! How did you stuff him and is he standing alone?
Greetings from a German dollmaker :)

bisbee stitches said...

Thank you!
Well, I started with a very thin , poseable skeletal structure that I found at an antique store , wrapped it in cloth and a stand that supports the spine.
Then I used dense polyester fiberfill to flesh out the shape .
I used 2 thick dowel rods inserted into the torso and extending into the head in order to support the head.
Then I stitched up the hands, feet, and face . Because the body was so very skinny, I had to create the undershirt from scratch and tailor all the rest of the clothing to fit him.
All in all he probably took around 50 hours total to create.
With the skeletal structure and strong, heavy stand (which is hidden behind his legs) he stands up on his own. Also, he ended up being about 5ft tall , so I set him up on a stand to give the effect of being actual height.
I couldn't quite create realistic dress shoes, so I'm still looking around for a pair to fit :)
What kind of dolls do you create?

Friederike! and Sandra said...

wow that sounds like a lot of work :) Great that he stands up on his own. Maybe you can sew him shoes?

I´m making soft dolls from my own designs. Vikings, knights, angels, etc. If you like you can see my creations on my site:

Happy shoe finding :) and thank you for answering


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