Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Berlin Dolls

I am listening over and over to "Radio Cure" by Wilco, that is a pretty sad song, here in berlin outside it's -8°C and..OH, I heart's the perfect time for sewing...and have to say that I am pretty darn satisfied with how my last monstery dolls turned out:

Tessa Smithson

Amelia Smithson

Theresa Smithson

I really enjoy working on details and I am thinking of starting to make even some clothes/accessories for them...

have a marvellous day you all




These are wonderful, especially the one with the jaunty little hat! Do you machine sew the face details? I love how it looks. Nice and sketchy.

jessie said...

These are such beautiful dolls! I love all the details, such as the buttons and the little red hat :)

ninon said...

yep, the face details are machine embroidered, using the free hand technique (that means: sew as you go, without following a previous drawing underneath...)

Eva said...

so so pretty!

handmade romance said...

wow! these are amazing. i especially love tessa in her red hat and shoes. the sewn faces are so fantastic too!!

Leeanna Butcher said...

these are fabulous!! Amazing details. :D

the boogie bee said...

These are great! Love the details :)


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