Friday, January 30, 2009

Samuel P. Livingstone

Samuel P. Livingstone

Good Day! This is Samuel P. Livingstone, retired attorney. For 20 years he was a partner at Deedle,Livingstone, and Pinkfeffer. He once defended a woman who was wearing false teeth without her husbands written permission, it is illegal to do so in Vermont. His case was simple! He proved she was indeed a man!

Though he misses the court room he is glad to spend his free time watching paint dry and grass grow, Even though he's a homebody these days he still wakes up at 5am and puts on a snazzy tie, he says he feels naked without one.

1 comment:

Kitty Ballistic said...

I love him! His tie is so cute, and the fabric on his tum is lovely.


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