Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stitch Wars : Gallery Show Looking for Stitch Artists!

Hey Needlers,
We've received word of an art show looking for artists such as ourselves. Here's the scoop:

What is the idea behind the show 'Stitch Wars'?
Stitch Wars will be a gallery exhibition featuring handmade goods of all kinds inspired by Star Wars!
You can create anything you like as long as it is somehow Star Wars inspired.

There will be a diverse variety of handmade goods... Items can be wearable, sculptural, plush, functional (like a tissue box cozy) or whatever you dream up! We are hoping for some good press on this show since everyone loves Star Wars and I'm sure there will be some great stuff created by the artists! We are putting a 1/2 page ad for this show in Star Wars Insider magazine also. :-) We do monthly craft workshops here at the gallery as well and will feature a Star Wars project the month of the Stitch Wars show.

Stitch Wars opens Saturday, July 18, 2009

About Bear and Bird:
Allow me to introduce myself... hello! My name is Amanda and I run the Bear and Bird Gallery ( located in sunny South Florida. The gallery opened up in February 2007 and is housed in a 700 square foot loft area inside of our 16 year strong business ( Our 'main' store, TATE'S, has been in business for MANY years (Est. '93) and have a true and profound respect for artists and their craft. We have worked with many artists on special projects and can provide references for our honesty is needed. We have worked with many artists for special projects promoting TATE'S events. Tate and I are also collectors of art and will take great joy in bringing pretty pictures to the people.

We do gallery shows about every 5 weeks and feature artwork from amazing artists that I like. :-) We take pride in putting together interesting shows of all kinds. Take a look at our website ( or our Flickr page ) and you can see an archive of what we have done so far and what is yet to come!!

If you are interested in participating in Stitch Wars, please send me an email for the details! amanda {at}


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