Friday, February 6, 2009

UNDOOZ (Stuffed Animals: Remixed)

The UNDOOZ are creatures that I have made based on my reinturpretation of the philosophy = REDUCE : REUSE : RECYCLE : [REMIX]. I start with old/new donated stuffed animals that I find from thrift stores; remove arms/legs/bodies/ heads/stuffing; spread out and reassemble all part until I come up with something that I like; then Sew & Stuff! I first started out with my old childhood stuffed animals as an experiment and then moved on to the great variety of local thrift stores. This is definitely something to try out with you or your children's old stuffed animals to Reduce : Reuse : Recycle : Remix those boring, old, forgotten stuffed animals! (visit my myspace page photo album to view up close)


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