Sunday, March 29, 2009


Introducing octozombie! He is made with 100% wool and has needle-felted mouth, eye sockets, eyeballs, teeth, and blood. Detached tentacle reattaches with use of a magnet hidden inside. Tentacles are wired for posability. His fish prey is also 100% wool, with a needle-felted head wound.
I just sent this fearsome creature to terrorize the Big Apple. He's my entry in the APW Gallery's Custom Toy Exhibit, running April 3 to April 27. The exhibit is actually contest, with the grand prize being a solo exhibition. So if you live in or near New York, please go see the exhibit and vote for octozombie!
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Little Reader said...

He's so creepy but so cute at the same time :) It's nice to see a different genre of softie that's not just cute and fluffy. Lovely job.

urban craft said...

This is so wicked. Love how it just took a bite out of the fish. Awesome!


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