Friday, March 6, 2009

They start them young these days!

The next generation of plush makers are avidly crafting away and Olivia D'Amico is proud to count herself among the creature making crowd. She'll soon be joining The Needle as possibly the youngest member at just nine years old. In fact, her birthday is today so drop by her totally groovy blog, My Creations, and wish her a happy one. Gotta support the next generation of plush makers!

Felicia of Fluffy Flowers recently conducted an interview with Olivia about her plush making adventures.

* * * * * * *

Can you tell us about yourself? How old? What grade in school?

I am 9 years old. I am in 3rd grade.

How did you get into making plushies?

I watched my grandma make plush for me. Thats when it all started. Then I stopped a while. After a while, I saw Felicia's blog. It inspired me to sew again. :)

Do you sew by hand or machine?

On Mar 6th I will be sewing by machine... But before that, it's all by hand.

How long have you been making plushies and how did you learn?

For quite a while. I would say about a year and a half. I learned by watching my grandma.

What is your favorite part of making plush?

My favorite part about sewing is that you have a nice little item to admire, share, or play w/ @ the end. I also enjoy stuffing and I sort of like to stitch it up. :)

What are your biggest sources for inspiration?

I normally think of it for a while and come w/ something I either want to make or I feel up for making.

What is your favorite craft supply?

As in sewing, probably the fabric. But as in like glue and stuff, probably googly eyes.

What future plush projects do you have planned?

I really have not thought about it. :| Probably stuff like what I am doing now. But new and improved. :)

* * * * * * *

Thanks Olivia for sharing your plush love with us. Keep on plush making!


Absolutely Small said...

Yay! Go Olivia! You make really cute stuff.
And thanks Felicia for doing this great interview!

Reesa said...

Grandmothers are great teachers of fun and useful things, aren't they? My grandmother started teaching me to sew by hand when I was in the first grade and I still sew today and I'm a grandmother myself!

I liked reading your interview, Olivia. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy your hobby so much!


Angela Aldatz said...

can't wait to buy some of your stuff! You are an inspiration to kids everywhere! Keep up the AMAZING and INSPIRING work sweetie :)

Danielleorama said...

Awesome interview! I totally agree with "My favorite part about sewing is that you have a nice little item to admire, share, or play w/ @ the end."

Keep it up!!

Kathleen D said...

I have seen most of Olivia's work and am so impressed with her imaginative creations and enthusiasm for making her "critters" - keep it up sweetie!

Eva said...

very cute :) keep it up!


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