Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lovely Whimsies

The Whimsy Patch has been bursting at the seams lately--though, not literally! That would be poor craftmanship;)

Today, I met LolliBlue the Whimsy Giraffe and Amber the Mod Dollie. They were out for a ride and enjoying the crisp spring air. The thunderstorms never arrived but the cooler air did. Yippee!

Persimmon Pie the Whimsy Fairie took a perch on my porch last weekend. She's a spunky little thing and she just had to show off her bracelets. She offered to make one for me before she leaves town.

Strawberrylicious the Domestic Dreams Fairy showed up with a dozen of her amazingly tasty Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcakes. Yum! We had quite the party enjoying her sweet baked treats.
Read more about these sweeties and many more on my blog: The Whimsy Patch .

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