Monday, April 13, 2009

Pablo Does Italy

I haven't posted here forever, so sorry. I just have been reading and enjoying all of your posts. So today I decided to share my excitement with you, my fellow plush people.

Several months ago I created a pink striped dog that I named Pablo. He hung around my shop for a while until one day he was magically plucked from obscurity and elevated to the mighty position of mascot. Mascot of what, you may ask? He is the face of a new arts journal/magazine in Naples, Italy called Hyde Park. The editors of this new publication found Pablo’s portrait in my Flickr photostream and requested his presence in Naples via Etsy (they bought him). Now he lives the life of an icon, a star, a mascot with Italian beaches and the life of luxury, oh what a lucky dog he is.

Since this is an Italian publication, it is written in Italian of course. I do not read nor speak Italian and I rely on bad web translations of their writing so I know I am missing out a great deal, but what I’ve read I have truly enjoyed. And I love, love, love their wonderfully imaginative remixing of my photos. The creative people at Hyde Park make me smile and bring me great joy to view Pablo in their hands.

This link will take you to a page with Pablo’s portrait remixes. Scroll down the page to view and click on the images to enlarge.

Click here if you are a Facebook member and want to see photos of Pablo in Italy. While you are there, be sure to view the videos, they are great fun as well.


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