Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bay Area Folks! Maker Faire, this weekend!

It's time! Saturday & Sunday, from 10-8 (10-6 Sunday).

I was there last year...and I'm not exaggerating at all to say this is my very favorite show.
Imagine if a state fair and a science fair had a baby that bore a strong resemblance to her craft fair cousin...and was awesome. Then you would have Maker Faire.
Just a few of the lovely folks you could meet:
Kristen Rask, the lady behind Plush You!
Needle member and all around cool chick: Danielle-o-rama!
Roxycraft! (Who will be doing a demo on how to make amigurumi...I hope I can make it to that. Definitely on my to-craft list!)
Bonnie Burton! Who will be teaching how to make Star Wars puppets!
(And...why yes, the Chickenpants will be there too. Weird coincidence!)
This is only the very tip of the iceberg...and only the tip of the crafty side of that iceberg. I won't mention all the amazing sciency-roboty-steampunky-foody makers who will be there...the list is just too long!
Okay. I think the exclamation point police are going to hunt me down for this post (!!!), so...I'll see you there!

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Barbara Prime said...

Man, do I ever wish there was something like that here in Montreal! Sadly, most people here are not that into crafting (at least, that's the impression I get).


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