Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello Kthulhu

Hello Kthulhu
Huggable elder god. she has sweet red eyes,
4 face tentacles, arms and legs as well as wings.

Intoxicatingly Kawaii!

So cute you don't mind going insane or
having your soul ripped out for devouring
with a light seasoning of lavender and rosemary.

3.5 in tall when standing.
bamboo-merino blend.
bamboo-cotton blend bow and dress.


Anonymous said...


mammalfeathers said...

Oh my. How wonderful! I love the light seasoning comment... if that just doesn't complete the picture!

WeeofManyColors said...

Amazing! I luv it! n.n

trinlayk said...

Thanks everyone! she's headed to London to devour the citizenry, probably in a nice curry.

She's also been featured this week on the Craft blog! (and from there about a dozen more blog, forum, LJ, etc postings!)


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