Monday, June 15, 2009

My Battle Velcro entry for the Iron Chef Challenge: Ravioli with Octopus Tentacles

My secret ingredient for this challenge was velcro, which took me awhile to figure out how to incorporate it into a food item.
This is my first experience trying to sew dimensionally, and I have a TON of respect for all of you who do this on a daily basis! :D
The ravioli are velcro pieces, stuffed, and I also used the white velcro dots for the "suckers" on the octopus tentacles. I didn't have an oceany blue plate, so I decided to make one. This was a fun and challenging project! :D
To see all the creative entries, check out the Plush Team blog.


T&A Friendly said...

I reeeeeally love this. It's a superb culinary/octopus piece. I myself have been grappling with my own octopus demons :) GREAT JOB!

Cimmi said...

This is so crazy cool, I love it! Schluup...delish yet danger.!

Leeanna Butcher said...

thanks T&A and Cimmi! :D It took a few tries to get the tentacles looking right.

Plushroom Soup said...

This is super awesome! The tentacles have really great shapes. Love the staging too.


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