Thursday, June 18, 2009

a stab at hand sewing dolls

I usually stick to crocheting amigurumi creaures and things, but I've had the itch to try something different. I've been sewing longer than I've been crocheting, but I fell into the scene and felt I should keep going with it. It's not that I am abandoning crochet, just exploring other options and skills.

So here we have a prototype for a doll that I designed. I hand stiched the whole thing and I think for the next one I might try to machine sew as much as possible with the same pattern. I've taken to calling her Goldie after Goldielocks. There will be bears as I continue through my journey but they might not be in the forms that you might think.

Anyway, you can let me know what you think over at my blog.


1 comment:

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a great start to a fun look little doll. I love her little face and that adorable little page boy hair cut :)


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