Monday, August 31, 2009

Greetings from Kansas!

hi! my name is sandi (aka benandi) and i live in kansas city. i love to make stuff! i am an artist! illustrator by degree. greeting card designer by job. plush creator and crafty chick by nights (and durning any of my free time i may have). i love to sew and creating things makes me happy.

things i enjoy making look like this...

4 new owlets - 08:29

or like this....

doll no.2 (outside)

and like this....

octopal - purple pirate

if you'd like to see what else i'm up to or to just say "hello" you can visit me on flickr or on etsy.

i'm thrilled to join the talented artist of and i'll be seeing you all again real soon!
:-) s


Dennise Rodriguez said...

WOW! Your stuff ROCKS!!!

Sandi D said...

Thanks Dennise :-)


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