Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Igor Mousenstein

Igor Mousenstein
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Igor Mousenstein's ancestors were once helpers in the infamous Dr. Quackenburg's laboratory (ah, you thought I was going to say Dr. Frankenstein, didn't you? tsk. tsk. shame on you for making assumptions). Coincidentally, Dr. Quackenburg also had an assistant named Igor who was not very imaginative so he ended up naming all the lab mice after him (Dr. Quackenburg was also broke -- he was so poor he couldn't afford lab rats so he had to scale it down a bit). So he could tell the lab mice apart during testing, Igor put rubberbands of different colors around their tails. Eventually, this led to their tails falling off and over time new mice were born without tails. But this mouse has a tale all his own that's for sure. Just ask him what was going on in that laboratory and he'll tell you! Muhaha!


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