Friday, August 21, 2009

two new characters

I just couldn't keep these new designs a secret any longer - they were just so cute I had to share them once I had a few photos.

Peanut, a chipmunk with a cable pullover. He's sweet on his own, but in the pullover he looks like the star of a 70's knitting pattern book. His stripes are done with duplicate stitch, so you can follow what I've done or improvise your own stripe pattern based on the chipmunks in your neighbourhood.

Kelby, a smooshy faced pug in a seamless hooded anorak. He's about the same size as the big teddy and bunny, so super cuddly for a little kid. His face is more complicated than most of my patterns, but it was necessary to get him to look just right. Don't forget to check out his tail. This little guy was inspired by a pug you might know :)


Denn Rodriguez said...

These are so incredibly cute! Specially the pug.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

They are truly lovely

Cat Soup said...

Those are precious!

Terri said...

I now have a very real crush on your chipmunk. lol! If you ever break up with him please send him to me! He is adorable!!!

Jessica said...

Ack, how cute are these?! Great work.

Absolutely Small said...

So, so cute! Really makes me wish I knew how to knit. ^-^ (Also: didn't know Kelby was inspired by Buster! I am so flattered! Now I really really really wish I knew how to knit!)


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