Monday, November 9, 2009

Gggrantler & duck fox

A while ago I picked up some soft woollen blankets from the thrift store, and I have made them into some soft woollen plushies. I like the soft warmth from the slightly worn pile and they're lovely to work with. Above is grrantler, another go at antlers,
and this duck fox (because he kinda looks like a duck, and kinda like a fox) also with vintage upholstery body.

They're both in my shop now, and you can see a few more on my blog.


Dennise Rodriguez said...

These guys came out GREAT!!!! I love how you did the eyes on Gggrantler, it think it gives him so much personality!

MUS said...

i like the gggrantler! we love handmade dolls.
and thank you for visiting my blog!


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