Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

These are some Nubbins I've had planned out, but have put on the back burner to work on other projects. Too bad I didn't have them done and listed in my Etsy shop before Halloween! Oh well. The funny thing is that I had two unofficial requests for a bat Nubbin before I even had this one done!

I made this one a vampire bat (the blood droplet is very reminiscent of this monster I made for my husband awhile back). Don't worry, Nubbin Vampire Bats are "vegetarian vampires" (sorry, Twilight reference!)...they don't drink human blood, only the blood of animals!...stuffed animals!...and even then it's only red felt they prefer to snack on! Okay I'm being really silly now!...moving on...

This Pumpkin Nubbin (aka: the "Jack-O-Nubbin"...or would it be "Nub-O Lantern"?) I originally wasn't going to have the stripes on when I was planning it out. I decided to do it last minute before sewing it up...and I'm glad I did it. It wouldn't look as pumpkin-y without them.

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