Monday, December 28, 2009


As an excuse to create softies I have created a collection of alphabet inspired softies call Alphamales (alpha-mall-ease). Each letter of the alphabet will have a animal softie, and their own short story, which will then be compiled into an alphabet book. So far I have created Bernard the bandit bee, Penelope pulpa, Laura Lion, and Daniel the dreaming dragon.
The idea behind the collection is to create another way to make reading and learning the alphabet fun. I recall as a child that I would become more attached to a certain book, when there was a stuffed version of one of the characters, like the velvetine rabbit, or any of the disney characters. Since I used to be a Pre-k teacher I remember the difficulty some students would have to remember certain letters, their sound, and later on how to read. This way they associate the letter with a silly story and cute character.

I try to create one new character every week, and i will continue to post my newest creations here. However, you can always take a closer look at my blog

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