Friday, December 4, 2009

holiday mice

A couple weeks ago I had readers of my blog, Fuzzy Thoughts, give me suggestions of holiday knitting patterns they might like. Those ideas led to a page of sketches, which I then put up for a vote. The winning design was for a little Holiday Mouse, although I wished I had time to make a few of the others too. You can find the free pattern here, if you like knitting (or just get the pdf). It was fun collaborating with my readers and customers, although I now have so many ideas, I don't think I'll need any more input for a while!


Eva said...

super adorable!!! I'm hoping I'll find some time to make these... but I suppose it doesn't have to be Xmas to make these cuties :)

Thank you for sharing! Happy holidays!

banuca said...

Making toys with croche is not so difficult, but knitting... İt seems difficult for me.But they are all lovely and so sweet.


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