Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rusty Cage

This must be the year of the bird because I can't get enough of these guys in my work. I've made a few other bird pieces in the past few months but this is my first attempt at a birdcage. To be honest, I had a bunch of wire hanging around and I just wanted to use it all up. Thank God for my urge to de-clutter...

I found this glitzy charcoal fabric with metallic thread woven throughout it in downtown. Initially, I bought it to make myself a blouse or dress but then I realized that due to its slightly heavy weight, I'd be limited to wearing my new creation only during the colder months. Yet, I'm very happy with how beautiful the soft twinkle of the silver thread in the fabric lends itself to the birdcage form.

Here's a closer look at my little inhabitant. I did name this post after the Soundgarden song, "Rusty Cage." However, unlike Chris Cornell, this guy isn't trying to break free. It's just way too cozy in there.

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