Monday, February 15, 2010

A bunch of softness

Nana Papillon

Belisarius Piroletta

Super Whitey Radetsky

Paolino Mc Figgins

Milo J. Watercress

Palomino Bellevue

Racine Perrault

Eldorado Catinelles

Leloup Bolotowsky

here is a bunch of new Les Monstris that I've been workin on lately!!!! I hope you like them :)
you can find more pictures here and here
have a nice week


Chrissy P. said...

LOVE that Leloup Bolotowsky!!! Cracks me up!

maureencracknell said...

I love the work you do!

dingogirl66 said...

I love your style...Awesome work

handmade charlotte said...

i like nana and racine! ...are you using black ink for the faces?super nice!


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