Monday, March 1, 2010


I haven't posted here in ages! Being a mom of a toddler can do that to your free time...

Anyway, here's a couple cuties to share with you. The first photo is a new design I just released. I've been working on this puppet pattern for over a year. I had a few set-backs, and quit working on it for a while. I finally dug out my old notes, found some nicer yarn, and got it done! It's a lot more knitting (especially the large size) and more complex than my usual patterns, but I've been wanting to expand my range for a while. My standard toys are pretty easy, really, and some knitters like a challenge.

This little girl is a toy I just finished on the weekend. Every time I knit this pattern, I remember how much fun it is, and how awesome the results always are!

1 comment:

RheLynn said...

I love them SOOO much! The brown one reminds me of a toy I had when I was a little girl.


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