Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mr. Peggy - from thought to prototype, then a serie of toys, then to sketch in vector, then to exhibition and then to the home of charming lady

Hello everyone,
It's the first time I post here.
So, I want to introduce myself, my name is Vertuta, I currently stay in Argentina and design handmade toys.

I never do patterns, usually I am overwhelmed by inspiration, I just have no patience for that, as I hurry up to see the toy completed and alive.
I prefer to cut out from the fabric straight and let my scissor-hand lead me.
So here I want to show you the way of my toy Mr. Peggy.
It's my variation of Pegasus from a greek myths, a flying horse, who is believed to bring inspiration to creative people, especially to the writers.

1) First Mr. Peggy, I made him very quick (approximately for 4 hours) in 2007, I was in love and I draw inspiration from that actively.

2) In 2008 I made a serie of Mr. Peggy to sell in my friends online store (with headquater in Moscow, Russia). I made Mr. Peggy in 2 variations - green face and turquoise face, 15 pieces each.

3) In the end of 2009 I made a 10 peices serie in turquoise body with different nose buttons, also did some custom orders with stitching too.

4) In 2010 I got pregnant and moved to Argentina, I suddenly started to have lots of spare time and started to draw in the illustrator and photoshop more than ever. Because of this, and also because of invitation to participate in the Character Expo I vectorised Mr. Peggy. For the first time in his life at the age of 3 years he has got an electronic image of himself. Here it is.

5) After the fair finished, the figure of Mr. Peggy, printed out from the file was taken home by a pretty girl called Miusha. She is a singer and I hope he inspires her for more good songs.

So, this is a way of Mr. Peggy so far. If you want to see the photos of Mr. Peggy in a bigger size or see other toys that I make, you are welcome to my flickr
Also I am starting a new blog about re-using-re-ducing-re-psy-cling, you are welcome to check it out as well.

thank you for your attention.


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