Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 80's Chickenpants Are Here!

Aw, yeah.

I was given a big bag full of 1980's fabric, and in that moment, I knew what I had to do. (It's so nice when people donate fabric and other goodies to the cause, isn't it?)
Chickenpants 380-390 became the 80's Collection!

Of course I had to make a couple of 80's goths. This is probably offensive, but I find them adorable. (My husband was one! So it's okay, right?)
From left to right: Robert (Smith), Siouxsie (Sioux), and Ian (Curtis).

And finally:

Lloyd Doblerpants.
He sports a handstitched boombox, and a little trench coat that snaps at the top.
You know where you can check them out, if you want to read their little backstories.
-Claire ~ Absolutely Small


Janine/FoxtailCreekStudio said...

Agghhh I love Lloyd!!! He is too awesome :o)

PeiPei said...

OMG!!! why so cute?

jolene said...

Say Anything is from the 80's...just saying!!! I love the goth ones too funny!!


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