Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chibi Deer, Wool felt, and Bobbles

I've been a busy beaver, and have been too lazy to take pics, lol. I've had tables at 2 events recently (local event Pennington Day, and an artist table at Anime Next). Finally here are some pics of my latest works. This is a shortened list, there is the full posting with more pictures here:

A variation on the chibi-quad pattern, a chibi deer!

The cutie on the right is sewn using mostly hand made wool felt. ^_^ I used tie-dyed minky for his ears and middle head part. There is cotton for the ear insides / tummy. The lace is sewn on top of the muzzle parts for a fun effect. The body stitching I did before sewing him up. It's free-form machine stitching with silver thread. It's fun to do! Though it adds a lot of time to making these little guys.

This is what the wool felt looks like raw. I make it in a tray in my sink using various merino wool roving, most of the colored roving is custom dyed form Etsy artists, I love the different colors! I cut it up and muslin back it to make into plush. This is cause it's too thin to use alone, and is not even in density cause it's handmade. Also, then you can free-form stitch it to the muslin to give it a quilted look. :)


These are the bobble creatures. They are one of my new attempts at a simple design / pattern, but still can be made unique and lets me be spontaneously creative with fabric and add-ons. Result? Fun little artsy ooak plushies.

Two on the left have painted ultrasuede faces, the one on the right has safety eyes, and his body is made with an overlay of wet felted wool. The middle one has cool patchwork fabrics on the back.

They have a jingle bell in them too! For scale, they are about 6" tall, weighted with PVC pellets

Here you can see the patchwork on the back of the pink one:

You can check out other works by me / more info here: I have lots of cool ways to use handmade wool felt shown off.

If you got a question just ask! :) All these pics are also larger than shown, just right click and choose 'view image' to see them bigger!

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