Friday, August 6, 2010

Troublesome Multicolored Sweater Monster

I sewed up this sweater monster yesterday. Very few monsters have given me the trouble this one did though. He made me break not one, not two, but THREE sewing machine needles.

To be fair, it's not really the monster's fault. It was my fault for trying to sew through too many layers (and not learning my lesson when the first needle broke!). The body has 3 layers (since this monster has a pocket mouth), and the ears (which are what I was attempting to sew on) are 2 layers of sweater fabric, and 2 layers of batting. So that makes seven layers total. Plus the multicolored sweater fabric is pretty thick. No wonder my poor needles broke! My hubby was kind enough to pick up some more needles on his way home from work...and he included a package of "heavy duty" needles in addition to regular sewing machine needles.

But even with as much trouble as it was creating him (birth is always painful right?) I love the way he turned out. He's pretty big (the body is over 15 inches tall), and I love how his limbs kind of flop around. He strikes me as the kind of toy a kid will love to cuddle with and drag around everywhere.


Cat Soup said...

He's adorable. I've had softies that my machine just couldn't take as well. Now there are certain materials I'm leery of using.

Absolutely Small said...

He turned out so cute!


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