Friday, October 1, 2010

Girls who like to wear capes...PLUSH YOU 2010

Fadra the Lovely Doll and her kitty cat Scribbles

LuLu the Lovely Doll and her kitty cat Violet

Girls who like to wear capes and have cats

Goldie the Lovely Doll and Gertie her Kitty Cat

Girls who like to wear capes....Plush You 2010

Plush You is right around the corner and I am so excited to share my pieces with you all.
I know I have not been around much what with...buying our first house...moving...driving my daughter to her old school from April to June...taking care of my gorgeous boy who is now 2 years old....and all the changes we have had. We still manage the building we used to live in too and we live outside of Seattle now. You get the picture...but I did manage to finish my Plush You pieces because I love Plush You and Kristen too.....
My 3 Lovely Dolls in the series 'Girls who Like to wear capes' were inspired by my daughter who wears a cape every single day....:)
Happy Weekending to all!!!

1 comment:

Rosalie said...

I bought the one in the top photo and love it. The kitties attached really killed me. I had to get one.


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