Monday, November 15, 2010

And.... We're back! Meet Mitsie.

After more than a year away, I have finally picked up the needle and thread again. I decided to commemorate The Whimsy Patch comeback with a new dollie style, the Modder Dollie--a sort of update on my Mod Dollie. I will still be making both dollie styles, but the Modder Dollie will start to take front and center in the coming months. I'm also working on patterns for a Whimsy Patch Geeradragon and Whimsy Prince ensemble, Letter Fairies, and Birthday Whimsies. The holiday season might see some new cuties emerge from the Patch. We'll have to see....

So meet Mitsie. Her favorite colors are baby blue and candy apple red and she loves to cuddle. She has a penchant for shoe shopping and adores baking in her spare time–when she’s not shopping that is. She recently created a Apple French Toast and Custard Tart that is to die for and she decided she would celebrate by inviting all of her friends over for tea and treats. Mitsie is known for extravagance so she pulled out all the stops and featured three different local honeys with her freshly brewed tea and whipped up some homemade whipped fresh cream. Yum! Mitsie plans to introduce some new friends in the near future but they are all out shopping for their debutante ensembles as we speak. (They planned the debutante and the Teas and Tarts party.) They’ll be sure to stop for afternoon tea and scones once their shopping trip is complete.

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