Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making of: Easel Ain't Easy! by Tyler Poncho Toys

A new commission, Easel Ain't Easy. We made B, and her Conscience Cat. I loved making these toys since they're very different from my usual toys - especially the fabrics.

A daily life comic, you can see them all in succession on Facebook. Album 1, Album 2.
"A mostly daily webcomic, of the autobiographical variety. Follow the exploits of B, her friends and Conscience Cat as they traipse about throwing up speech bubbles and such."

and now...making the toys!

For B, I started with drawings, I combined several elements from different drawings but overall I wanted to keep the feel and look of the comic, so she would be immediately recognizable.
Starting to cut out her shapes using my drawing as reference. After the cut pieces are finalized, I create a patterns for possible recreations to be consistent.
Her adorable little bag, (which she can actually use!) and her cute ear peeking out of her hair.
All her pieces cut out. And she's even got tiny tiny buttons on her coat! (At some point Conscience Cat has gotten himself tangled into a bunch of string...cats, how typical)
Aaw...they have velcro on their hand and paw so they can hold hands.
Sewing her together...torso and head almost finished.
Detail - her expressions in the comic are always great. Smile!
Legs almost finished...Scroll down to see completed photos!

Unfortunately I lost my photos of making Conscience Cat, so I'll just tell you about it.

For his shape, I made alot of drawings interpreting many of his poses. An important thing he had to do was be able to hold B's hand. I combined different elements from her drawings so he could sit up, and reach out his paw. My first try at the sewn cat was a little sad. He just seemed incomplete, he only had embroidered details on an otherwise all plush cat. What we thought was missing was his muzzle, it brings out his face a bit more, and makes him look more complete.

Now they're finished toys!

They love each other!
Holding hands with their velcro.
Height comparison, she stands a little silly on her feets.
From the back...with her comic in her bag!

We do custom plushes with full series making capabilities. Contact us with drawings and we'll give you a quote for the concepting, prototypes, pattern-making, and production of a batch of pieces. --


Wicky Woo said...

Well done! They're both so sweet!

Super Orange said...

How cute !


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