Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Covington the ELLECBEE

Covington likes to press his face against sunny warm windows.

ELLECBEE (el-see-bee) are little cute bunnies who live in mystical grove deep in the misty mountains. They are said to bring luck to anyone fortunate enough to adopt one. They are vegetarians and love to be around plants. They have a special knack for making things grow and are great buddies in the garden.
Each ELLECBEE stands about 9 inches tall (with ears). They are handmade and machine sewn for extra durability and have jointed arms. ELLECBEE are good for gentle play for older children past the age where they put things in their mouths or pets. They are sturdy but not chew toys or Stretch Armstrong. Their clothes are handmade and I encourage those who adopt their very own ELLECBEE to make your own clothes and join my flickr page and share pics of your very own creations!
Check out his friends on my flickr and shop if you get a chance

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