Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rocket Ship

I found out that my friend's son had his 4th birthday today. I also found out that he was sick today and they weren't going to be able to really celebrate his birthday today. Feeling bad for the little guy, I decided that I wanted to make something to cheer him up. He's all about rocket ships (any toy that remotely resembles a rocket is a "rocket ship!" to him), so I whipped up this little rocket ship for him this morning out of sweater scraps and felt.

He was too grumpy to be really excited about it when I stopped over to give it to him, but his mom reassured me by letting me know he'd be snuggling with it and playing with it later.


nandas said...

wooni! i just love the space ships...very clever, you!

Felicia said...

great rocket ship! I made a rocket a few years ago out of some Marvin the Martin fabric. I might dig that fabric out and make another :)


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