Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baxter Bug

Good day folks! My name is Sloane Solanto and I am also a brand new member of The Needle!!
I love to knit plush critters. No matter how many I make they never cease to make me laugh out loud! Probably because they each have a distinct personality.

All my patterns are original and just when I think I will never come up with a new one...BAM..I do! Sometimes it happens from a mistake, sometimes inspiration from a new textured yarn, and I especially love it when my 7 year old brother gives me yarn as a gift.... last year he gave me a skein of rainbow yarn and some solid colored fun fur..I had never used variegated yarn and usually used patterned fun fur and solid yarn (I knit with two strands)...I set them out on my work station and waited for inspiration to strike..and POOF...a new bug was born! A Catapilla'

This one's name is Baxter Bug.

Thanks to The Needle for having me and I look forward to sharing my critters with ya'll!

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