Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fresh off the Hook!

Meet Oskar and his pet rat! This little monster is all hand crochet, as well as his little rat. You can read more about him and his rat on my blog here.

Also, fresh off the hook is a cute little "Dead" Bear. He is the first of many and is inspired by the Grateful Dead, if you couldn't tell! :)

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Wicky Woo said...

I really like how you shaped the bear's ears. Very cute!

Katherine Legge said...

Oskar looks phenomenal. I think my kids would truly love one. Lately I have been looking for an alternative to their favorite toy, their precious wooden blocks, from Sydney's Forever Blocks and something similar to Oskar may be just what the doctor ordered. Thank you for the spurt of inspiration, it was much needed.



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